What Are Kraft Paper Bags and Why Are They in High Demand?

The demand for kraft paper bag has increased sky-high. There is a near nationwide ban on plastic enforced in almost all Indian states. Environmental organizations the world over are warning about the dangers of plastic and the harmful effects it will cause on the environment.

People are looking for alternatives to plastic bags and one option that has emerged as a frontrunner is kraft paper bags. Now, these brown and sturdy kraft Paper bags have become the typical packing, shopping and carry bags used in all shops and malls.

At fashion boutiques, retail outlets, shopping malls, departmental and convenience stores, pharmacies, etc., the kraft paper bags have become the norm. But what are these kraft paper bags and why are they in such high demand? Let us take a look.

What are Kraft Paper bags?

Kraft Paper bags are paper bags made with kraft paper and produced by the kraft process. This is the process of conversion of the wood from trees into wood pulp and then subsequently into cellulose fibres which are the main raw materials for paper. The ultimate result is the brown coloured, super-strong Kraft paper which is used for making these paper bags.

Why the name ‘Kraft” Paper bags?

The word “kraft” means “strength” in German. Going by this name, these paper bags are thick, robust, and doubly strong. The kraft process uses acidic sulphite to reduce the lignin content of the wood pulp and this is the reason for the strength of the Kraft Paper bags.

Ever since the inception of first Kraft process in 1879 by Carl Dahl of Germany, these kraft paper bags have been in vogue in different forms. The envelope model paper bag was invented by Francis Wolle, the square-bottomed by Margaret Knight, the self-opening sack bag (S.O.S bag) by Charles Stillner, and the rope and handle bag by the Deubeners.

After all these innovations, the kraft paper bags have finally arrived, to help u carry our daily essential and supplies with comfort and convenience safely.

How are Kraft Paper bags normally used?

Kraft Paper bags are in great demand because of their universal applications in all business segments. Here are some areas where kraft paper bags are widely used.

  1. As paper sacks for carrying cereal, pulses, flour, groceries, and vegetables
  2. As cement sacks in the construction industry
  3. For packing chemicals
  4. As bouquet-bags
  5. Ideal for use as shoe bags due to their sturdy strength

Wherever you go, you have a Kraft Paper bag waiting for you as your reliable shopping companion.

Why are Kraft Paper bags in such high demand?

Kraft paper bags are in such high demand because of the following reasons:

  1. Eco-friendly

Kraft paper is made of wood pulp and is hence natural and easily biodegradable. Since it is a mono-material, it can be frequently and easily recycled. It gets easily decomposed by microorganisms and cause no environmental hazards.

This is why kraft paper bags are universally accepted as the best choice for packaging items. Almost all shopping outlets have switched to kraft paper bags a part of their ecological imitative and even big companies are using Kraft Paper bags for their product a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

  1. Super-strong

When compared to ordinary paper bags, Kraft paper bags are doubly thick in both material and grammage. They are normally of the thickness of 70 gsm and above. This is why kraft paper bags are used for storing, packing and shelving food, groceries, chemical, clothes, footwear etc.

  1. Keeps food fresh

Kraft paper bags are also porous and hence allow air to circulate through them. This keeps the food and vegetables or fruits, fresh for a long time. This is why kraft paper bags are mostly used to store or pack baked items and pastries. Kraft paper bags find wide used at cake shops, bakeries, patisseries, delis, coffee shops, restaurants and bistros.

  1. Save energy and the earth

Kraft paper bags follow the three Rs of the environment: reduce, reuse, and recycle. These bags are made from locally available materials and also need very little energy to be produced due to their organic raw materials. They are easily foldable, stackable and reduce storage and transportation costs.

They can also be reused a couple of times. The cost also plays a role in this as people will be less likely to throw them away after one usage. However, they are more economical in the long run. Lastly, since the bags can be recycled, they help in saving trees and the Earth.

  1. Customizable

Since the kraft Paper bags can be bleached and printed in various colours, they are easily customizable. Get your expert print suppliers to print hem in your favourite designs and manifest your unique style.

  1. Fashionable

Kraft paper bags are always in vogue as they have now morphed a cure Tote bag. Their stylish look and casual elegance make them the favourite of both the youth and the aged. This is why Kraft Paper bags are mostly used in boutique and fashion outlets.

  1. Ideal for branding

Kraft paper bags are best for branding as they can be printed with your company logo and name in bold letters. Let these kraft paper bags be brown or bleached. This way, your company logo boldly stands out on the plain light background.

Get Kraft Paper bags printed for your company or shop from the best suppliers who can give the best of quality and cost and add more respect and revenue to your company.