What to Do If Your Teenager accused of DUI?

They say that public roads are full of idiots, that’s why lots of roads accidents happened every day. But one of the primary cause of road accidents is due to people that are under the influence of a mind-altering substance while driving on the road and sadly most of them are teenagers.

Usually, “Driving Under the Influence” or DUIs are given out when a police officer suspects a teen driver that he/she may have been drinking. The law enforcer will merely make a BAC or Blood Alcohol Content breath test to the alleged teen driver, and if alcohol is positive on the driver’s breath, he/she will be taken into custody.

Legal penalties for teens that are charge under DUIs are quite severe. Usually, they will face a significant number of fines, lengthy community service, mandatory alcohol education and worse cancellation of driver’s license. However, in some country and states, consequences or legal penalties are lessened for a younger teenager.

In a worst-case scenario, a teenager that was charged with DUI might have an adverse long-term effect on his/her life. Some schools give punishment to their students who are found guilty of DUI; some colleges even offer difficulty on teenagers to enter their schools when they have DUI records. DUI records will also show up during employer background check, and that means it could cause difficulty in having a job.

In case your teenager was caught and accused of DUI, below are some guidelines on what parent’s or a guardian should do:

1.    Call a lawyer

It will be the wisest thing to do once your teenager has been caught and charged under DUI. A good lawyer will help you to develop a credible plan to defend your child’s case. Having a dui attorney Houston Tx on your side, problematic issues could be easily identified and addressed to attain a not guilty verdict in the court.

2.    Seek a Psychiatrist

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is not right in the first place so there must be a deeper reason for a teenager to do such fault. He/she might be experiencing depression or having trouble in life and having a Psychiatrist might be able to help them clear their thoughts and understand why there are doing it.

3.    Let the teen do Community Service

If he/she has been charged to undergo community service because of DUI, let them do it. Doing so might teach them a valuable lesson and understand the gravity of their wrongdoing. It might be painful for them but make sure you will be there for them and show your full support no matter how long it takes.

4.    Take away License

To ensure that DUI charges will not happen again, take their License and let it rest for a while. Take also this opportunity to give your teenager more attention and time.

5.    Alcohol education

Enrolling your teenagers to alcohol education will be beneficial for you and your child. They will be taught the importance of responsible drinker and its short and long-term effect on them.